[copy & paste]: ferguson fighting fear with fire: a compilation

A fine piece of what happened in Ferguson, on the role of the police and the peaceful protest, clergymen, politicians and a powerful youth.



“The focus on the precise minutae of what happened or didn’t happen – whether Mike Brown reached for the cop’s gun, how many witnesses saw it  or whatever –  helps detract from the obvious:  cops are there to protect and serve this system and the capitalist mass murderers (black or white) who profit from it. Which is why all that idiocy about getting some police accountability (e.g. the Anonymous video about the situation in Ferguson) is just so much reformist shit aimed to get people to yet again believe that they could control the cops through some bourgeois democratic crap. The abolition of the cops as a specialised form of social control involves abolishing the stupid society which needs these filth. To the question “who polices the police?” the answer should be – “the mass community of proletarians abolishing their enslaved situation” – ie no specialists-in-order.”

 “Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack.” – T-Bone Slim

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